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archive curated by Doug Millison; begun April 2012

This page contains links to curated, up-to-date information about original art works distributed via Little Free Art Galleries to date, newest exhibits listed first. (Links will come later, after the list of works grows too long.)

Information provided by Little Free Art Gallery owners and installation curators via the blog and from other sources.

1. XXXS "Gift Box" Little Free Art Gallery with "FREE ART" Painting by Doug Millison

Size: approximately 3" X 5" X 1" inch gallery box, art work slightly smaller.

XXXS "Gift Box" Little Free Art Gallery

Repurposed gift box (brand: Brookstone; previously contained iPhone4 case birthday gift to the artist from his son, Watson Millison of Washington, D.C., April 8, 2012)

Laser-printed labels on box lid and box bottom, sans-serif font

Label Copy:

Welcome! This is a
It's FREE! Take it with you.
Give it a good home.
Please pin it to the map at

You Need Art. Artists Need You.
Art = Creativity + Community

XXS Little Free Art Gallery  &
“FREE ART” painting
by Doug Millison
for Project "FREE ART"
released via
Little Free Art Gallery No. 1
El Cerrito, California
April 2012

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Not Weatherproof
"Single-Serving Size"
Made By Artist of Exhibited Art

FREE ART" Painting

Paper collage: paint color chips (Provence Creme; Vermont Cream; Lemon Pound Cake; Sweet Maple) liberated from Home Depot store on San Pablo Avenue, El Cerrito, CA, on the site of 20th century Japanese flower nursery greenhouses near the BART line; grid-printed index card (Levenger); cheapest paper from Staples on San Pablo Ave. at Cutting Ave. across from El Cerrito Del Norte BART station; laser-printed Helvetica font copy reads "FREE ART"

Collage glued to a foam mount that is glued to the bottom of the gift box.
Signed "Doug Millison April 2012" in purple ink

Value based on previous sales of comparable works by this artist:  $500

Not Weatherproof
XXS "Single-Serving Size"
Signed by Artist
Unique (one of a kind)
Artist, Doug Millison, based in El Cerrito, California, is a co-founder and director of the Little Free Art Gallery project. He created XXXS "Gift Box" Little Free Art Gallery as a prototype, in the design & development start-up phase of the Little Free Art Gallery project, as part of his larger project.

Millison specializes in book arts, painting, and drawing, as an evolution of a lifelong writing practice and work as a journalist, author, editor, and publisher. His current book project is The Concrete Jungle Book by Morris Armstrong, Jr. proudly a.k.a. "Little Mo" with help from the Nonhuman Crew, a hybrid graphic novel a.k.a. "prose+comics scrapbook novel" adapted from Rudyard Kipling's classic The Jungle Book. He curated, produced, exhibited, and spoke at JUNKYARD KNIFE 2011 featuring Brussels, Belgium-based artist Jiri Szeppan, hosted by SFCurators Salon at Madrone Studios, Mission District, San Francisco, California, on October 28, 2011.

Contact and more resources:

Doug Millison. Falconspace Studio site of Little Free Art Gallery #1, El Cerrito, CA. Photo by the artist.

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