Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday afternoon thoughts: Why I like the Little Free Art Gallery project

…I like Little Free Art Gallery because the project itself is a work of art, conceptual art, plus the artistry of the gallery boxes and the art works they they present…

…because the project shines a light on many complex issues in the art world…

…because the project helps people realize to what extent everybody is an artist and that we can make and gift art freely to each other, even if we come from a family or community or social circle without access to exclusive art galleries or without contact with working artists…

…because the project helps us realize to what extent some of us take those skills, insights, and accomplishments to high levels that are worth rewarding when we purchase art.

…because this project has the potential to attract new patrons and followers for the artists and organizations that take part, and can lead to increased sales or other incrementally positive business outcomes for them, not to mention the creative glory of it all.

--from the journal of project manager & co-founder, Doug Millison

Ready for creative refitting as a Little Free Art Gallery. At Urban Ore, Berkeley, CA. Photo by Doug Millison

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