Monday, April 2, 2012

What kind of art works are available for free in a Little Free Art Gallery?

Collage by Doug Millison, found/altered digital objects + Virgin Mary tattoo by Srayla Tip. As you look at this image, recall that you are enjoying a FREE original art experience, the artist has provided it to you at no cost.

Small ones.

Special versions/installations to handle larger art works.  

QR codes (for smartphone scanning), urls on the box and on each art work connect recipient to the Little Free Art Gallery project and to the artist online

Artists trading cards


Poetry, illustrated


Altered book, scrapbook pages, and other paper craft

Artist books, pamphets,


DVD or CD, including music, audio

Digital download:  Cards, flyers, posters with that include QR code or url where recipient can go online to download a digital work of art (this opens up the project to all arts disciplines in digital formats -- visual, music/sound, & etc.). If using QR or url to lead to digital download, the card should offer some aesthetic value of its own (apart from whatever will be found online) for the art-lover who finds it in a Little Free Art Gallery



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