Monday, April 2, 2012

Why Little Free Art Gallery? Why now?

"Play the China Card" by Doug Millison
Bali is often described as a culture that celebrates art as a part of daily life, without separating it from the rest of society, behind museum gates and gallery security -- but a stroll through Facebook tells me that we do that here in the USA, too.  

Facebook, Etsy, and other popular online social networks show ever-increasing numbers of people who make and share/sell art online, people who view/purchase art and share media related to art, plus numerous categories of commercial and non-profit organizations that serve art-lovers and artists, offer instruction in the arts, & etc.

We see huge numbers - always increasing -  of us creating and sharing art; some of us avoid the A-word and say “crafts”. 

A whole culture of artistic creation and sharing, and buying/selling, has sprung up on the Web, in places like Facebook, Etsy, etc. -- apart from the traditional art school/gallery/museum circuit that traditionally develops and houses and other wise sells or distributes Art. 

Little Free Art Gallery is part of this new movement of people developing their creative abilities, making and sharing art, as part of fabric of their daily lives and social activities, outside the traditional circle of artists, curators, brokers, and art institutions.

Maybe not everybody is compensated like a celebrity artist, but everybody is an artist. 
Artists need audiences.

Art-lovers need art and to interact with artists.

Interaction between artists and art-lovers builds community and fosters creativity.

Little Free Art Gallery facilitates direct interaction between artists and art-lovers.

Little Free Art Gallery serves to bring artists and audiences together, in places where people may not always automatically think of themselves in those terms, aiming to expand the creative circle so more people can enjoy making, interacting with, and sharing art.

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