Saturday, February 9, 2013

Dear Little Free Art Gallery,

If "everybody is an artist" as Joseph Beuys said, and people like you repeat ad nauseum then why aren't we all making art all the time?

An Art Collector & Investor

Dear Art Collector & Investor,

People do…but, we don't call it Art.

Growing up we have learned the lesson well: Art is something only special people with special insight and privileges, called Artists, get to spend their time doing.

Meanwhile, the rest of us pursue our "crafts" and "creativity" from day to day in countless beautiful, useful, and life-affirming ways, and leave the "Artists" to themselves.

If the Big Expensive Art Gallery doesn't want my creations, I build a Little Free Art Gallery and use it to give away freely the things that I make as I try to make my life and world a more beautiful and satisfying place.

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