Friday, February 8, 2013

Fine-tuning the Little Free Art Gallery Mission Statement

Little Free Art Gallery Project  Mission Statement

Recognizing that most people rarely if ever engage directly with living artists and new, original works of art due to economic and class barriers and other factors, and seeing how we often fail to realize our own artistic abilities for the same reasons, the Little Free Art Gallery Project seeks to deepen our understanding of art and how to use it to enhance our lives through the practice of making art and giving it away for free.

We create, and encourage others to create, art galleries and their digital media counterparts in a variety of configurations and sizes, deployed across a spectrum of public and private locations. We invite and organize artists to use the Little Free Art Gallery installations to give away free, original works of art, and to document their gifts in the project's online and printed publications.

We use this free art exchange to create communities and online networks where we engage each other and deepen our understanding of the world as we inspire and help each other to make and share art. Together in person, in digital media, and in print, we discuss art, its "value" and uses, our relationship with original art works and their creators, and related topics.

By making and sharing free art, we seek to liberate our thinking and open more fully to the world and to each other.

"When art is free, so are we."

  –Doug Millison, co-founder

"When art is free, so are we" photo by Doug Millison, co-founder Little Free Art Gallery

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